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Up   For a tuning manual for alpine or snowboards, or for more detailed information, please visit: http://www.kuu.com/how2tune.htm                                    

                   For a waxing manual for nordic skis (skate or classic) please visit:    http://www.vauhtiskiwax.com/manual.pdf


Q:  Does the snowboard sharpen & hot wax service include a base grind?

A:  Yes. If your snowboard is badly scratched we will re-grind the base to a smooth finish. * Note: base grinding may not be needed in all cases. 

For major gashes and deep scratches you may benefit from adding the base repair service to ensure all scratches are repaired. 


Q:  What does a tune up include?

A:  Our tune up is a service for skis which includes: binding cleaning & lubrication, binding adjustments according to the customers & manufacturers information, base repair, base grinding (if needed), side and base edge sharpening and beveling, de-tuning of ski tips, hot waxing and a final buff.  Boots are required for this service.


Q:  How do I know when my skis or board needs waxing?

A:   A hazy coating (oxidization) will start to appear generally after a few days of riding.  The base is dry at this point and should be hot waxed.  Also slow, sticky gliding means its time to wax.


Q:  How can I tell when my skis or board needs sharpening?

A:  Check the edges with your fingernail.  A sharp edge should easily shave a fingernail.  Also check for rust, burrs and nicks on the edges.  If the edges feel rough, they could be cleaned up with a stone or in more severe cases sharpening may be recommended as this removes most burrs.


Q:  What is "de-tuning"?

A:  After skis or snowboards are sharpened, the contact point at the tip on the snow should be dulled to prevent the edges from catching or hooking while riding.  We do this on all sharpening or tune up work.  You can also specify not to have them de-tuned.


Q:  What angles will my edges be beveled to upon completion of sharpening?

A:  We set both the side and base bevels to 1 degree, unless specified otherwise by the manufacturer.  If you have a custom bevel, just let us know and they will be set.  Range: 0 to 3 deg.