Sorry folks, we are no longer accepting items for the swap.


What is it?

The swap is a consignment sale event.  Anyone may sell and/or purchase used equipment during this period.

When to drop off goods?

From October 1 - November 9.

When does the swap sale begin? 


10am to 5pm each day, 7 days a week.

What can I bring?

* downhill skis (must be within 10 years old)

    -no straight skis

* ski boots 

* poles

* snowboards

* snowboard boots

* snowboard bindings

*  cross country skis & boots

* clothing (jackets & pants) no hats or helmets due to safety concern


 There is no registration fee.

 We will require your name, phone number and full mailing address (to mail out payment if due).  The consignor is responsible for setting prices.  Upon sale of each item, 20% commission will be deducted.  All unsold items are to be picked up by December 7, 2019 

 Please phone after the month of November to check which items have sold. We will require your customer number (found at the top right of your registration form).

  Payment cheque may be picked up in person or used as in store credit.